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Goosebumps Ghost Beach

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1994 Vintage Goosebumps (Ghost Beach) Book by R.L. Stine 

Book No. 22

Print: Paperback - 119 Pages

Ghost Beach is the twenty-second book in the original Goosebumps book series. It was first published in 1994.

"The original 1994 Classic Goosebumps cover illustrations feature a hooded ghost emerging from a tombstone in a graveyard near a beach."

"DO YOU BELIEVE in GHOSTS? Jerry can’t wait to explore the dark, spooky old cave he found down by the beach. Then the other kids tell him a story. A story about a ghost who is three hundred years old. A ghost who comes out when the moon is full. A ghost ... who lives deep inside the cave!"

This book is very old. It may have some wear or some bends to the pages. Some scratches or some water damage. However, it is in an acceptable condition for it's age and it's readable. If you have more questions about the condition, just send me an email.