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Yes, Chef: A Memoir By Marcus Samuelsson - Hardback Cover Autographed Signture

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"Marcus Samuelsson is an award-winning chef and author of several cookbooks. Ethiopian by birth but raised in Sweden by adoptive parents, he has risen to superstardom in the US with his successful restaurants Aquavit and Red Rooster in New York, and with frequent appearances on reality shows. He's the youngest chef ever to have been awarded a three-star review from the New York Times, for his work at Aquavit."

Title: Yes, Chef: A Memoir

Author: Marcus Samuelsson

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group, 2013

Length: 336 Pages

Condition: Used

Subjects: Biography & Autobiography, Cultural, Ethnic & Regional Indigenous

This book is very old. It may have some wear or some bends to the pages. Some scratches or some water damage. However, it is in an acceptable condition for it's age and it's readable. If you have more questions about the condition, just send me an email.