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Goosebumps Attack of The Mutant

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1994 Vintage Goosebumps (Attack of The Mutant) Book by R.L. Stine 

Book No. 25

Print: Paperback - 117 Pages

He's no superhero. He's a supervillain!

"Attack of the Mutant is the twenty-fifth book in the original Goosebumps book series. It was first published in 1994."

"The cover illustration shows the Masked Mutant outside of his headquarters."

"He's no superhero.... He's a supervillain! Skipper Matthews has an awesome comic book collection. His favorite one is called The Masked Mutant. It's about an evil supervillain who's out to rule the universe! Skipper can't get enough of The Mutant. Until one day he gets lost in a strange part of town."

This book is very old. It may have some wear or some bends to the pages. Some scratches or some water damage. However, it is in an acceptable condition for it's age and it's readable. If you have more questions about the condition, just send me an email.