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Jet Spray Remote Control Car Water Function

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Jet Spray Remote Control Car for Kids and Children, Remote Control Vehicle Toy With Jet Spray Device Realistic Car Light Design and Engine Sound and Brake Sound

【Jet/Spray Device】: This remote control car features an air jet/spray device at the rear. Use the included water adding device to fill it up. Press the spray button on the remote, and watch as the car's tail jets out water, mimicking a thrilling jet acceleration effect. It takes 6 minutes to fill the jet with water.

【Simulation Design】: Experience the cool body design, realistic headlight details, and simulated engine and brake sounds that immerse you in the racing excitement.

【Easy Operation】: Control the car's movements—forward, backward, left, right, and rotation—directly using the remote control's buttons. Additionally, the remote offers a one-key presentation function and a dedicated jet button, ensuring quick and effortless participation.

【Safety Material】: Crafted from 100% safe ABS plastic, this car boasts an environmentally friendly anti-fall body material, ensuring durability and a prolonged lifespan. It's a secure choice for kids, both boys and girls, allowing you to rest easy when gifting it to them.