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The Duelist Genesis (TDGS) Yugioh Starter Deck

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The Duelist Genesis (TDGS) YuGiOh Deck - Lightly Played

This bundle contains the following cards listed below:

Super Rare:

Unstable Evolution TDGS-EN060 (Spell Card)


Big Piece Golem (Silver Foil Name) TDGS-EN008

Big Piece Golem (Silver Foil Name) 1st Edition TDGS-EN008

Dark Resonator (Silver Foil Name) 1st Edition TDGS-EN010

Handcuffs Dragon (Silver Foil Name) 1st Edition TDGS-EN013

Mind Master (Silver Foil Name) 1st Edition TDGS-EN016

Fighting Spirit TDGS-EN045 (Spell Card)

Defense Draw TDGS-EN065 1st Edition (Trap Card)

Mind Over Matter TDGS-EN073 1st Edition (Trap Card)

Grapple Blocker (Silver Foil Name) 1st Edition TDGS-EN087

The Selection TDGS-EN093 (Trap Card)

The Selection TDGS-EN093 1st Edition (Trap Card)


Turbo Booster TDGS-EN001

Quillbolt Hedgehog TDGS-EN003

Ghost Gardna TDGS-EN004 1st Edition 5x

Small Piece Golem TDGS-EN006

Medium Piece Golem TDGS-EN007

Medium Piece Golem TDGS-EN007 1st Edition

Twin-Shield Defender TDGS-EN011 1st Edition

Jutte Fighter TDGS-EN012 1st Edition 2x

Gonogo TDGS-EN015 1st Edition

Krebons TDGS-EN018 1st Edition 2x

Mind Protector TDGS-EN019

Psychic Commander TDGS-EN020 2x

Psychic Commander TDGS-EN020 1st Edition

Psychic Snail TDGS-EN021 

Psychic Snail TDGS-EN021 1st Edition 

Telekinetic Shocker TDGS-EN022 1st Edition

Gladiator Beast Equeste TDGS-EN024 2x

Jenis, Lightsworn Mender TDGS-EN025 2x

Jenis, Lightsworn Mender TDGS-EN025 1st Edition 2x

Dharc The Dark Charmer TDGS-EN026 1st Edition 3x

Mecha Bunny TDGS-EN027

Mecha Bunny TDGS-EN027 1st Edition

Oyster Meister TDGS-EN028 1st Edition 2x

Beast of The Pharaoh TDGS-EN032 2x

Beast of The Pharaoh TDGS-EN032 1st Edition

Silent Strider TDGS-EN036 1sy Edition 2x

Noisy Gnat TDGS-EN037

Noisy Gnat TDGS-EN037 1st Edition 3x

Domino Effect TDGS-EN046 (Spell Card)

Domino Effect TDGS-EN046 1st Edition (Spell Card)

Junk Barrage TDGS-EN047 1st Edition (Spell Card) 2x

Battle Tuned TDGS-EN048 (Spell Card)

Battle Tuned TDGS-EN048 1st Edition (Spell Card)

Lightwave Tuning TDGS-EN050 1st Edition (Spell Card) 4x

Sword of Kusanagi TDGS-EN054 (Spell Card)

Sword of Kusanagi TDGS-EN054 1st Edition (Spell Card) 3x

Orb of Yasaka TDGS-EN055 (Spell Card) 3x

Orb of Yasaka TDGS-EN055 1st Edition (Spell Card) 2x

Mirror of Yata TDGS-EN056 (Spell Card)

Geartown TDGS-EN057 1st Edition (Spell Card)

Recycling Batteries TDGS-EN061 (Spell Card) 2x

Remote Revenge 1st Edition TDGS-EN066 (Trap Card) 5x

Spacegate 1st Edition TDGS-EN067 (Trap Card) 4x

Synchro Deflector TDGS-EN068 (Trap Card) 

Psychic Rejuvenation 1st Edition TDGS-EN071 (Trap Card)

Telepathic Power TDGS-EN072 (Trap Card)

Lightsworn Barrier TDGS-EN075 (Trap Card)

Lightsworn Barrier 1st Edition TDGS-EN075 (Trap Card)

Judgment of Thunder 1st Edition TDGS-EN077 (Trap Card) 2x

Needlebug Nest TDGS-EN079 (Trap Card)

Tricky Spell 4 TDGS-EN091 (Spell Card)


Total Cards: 98

49 out of 100 cards - 50% complete

Valued at $229.13

The Duelist Genesis is a Core Booster deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh. It is the first Core Booster of Series 6. It is followed by Crossroads of Chaos. It came out September 2nd of 2008 and has 100 to 111 cards in this deck. The total value of this deck complete is $1,109