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Goosebumps Diary of a Mad Mummy

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1996 Vintage Goosebumps Diary of a Mad Mummy (Give Yourself Goosebumps) Book by R.L. Stine

Book No. 10

Print: Paperback - 136 Pages

Mummy - King Buthramaman

"The cover illustration shows King Buthramaman, the titular mummy, standing next to a wooden table, with green liquid, books, and scientific equipment on it. The mummy is looking away from his diary, when he's writing in it with his left hand, and is holding a science tube, filled with the green liquid, in his right hand. The mummy is also wearing glasses and has gray hair sticking out from underneath his bandages at the top of his head."

"While you're on vacation in San Francisco you get a chance to check out an exhibit of Egyptian artifacts and a pretty cool mummy. But when you get to where the mummy is supposed to be all you find is a pile of bandages and a really old diary filled with entries that seem to have been written by Mr. Mummy himself!"

This book is very old. It may have some wear or some bends to the pages. Some scratches or some water damage. However, it is in an acceptable condition for it's age and it's readable. If you have more questions about the condition, just send me an email.