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#8 Starter Pack Micro Machines 2020 Series 2 Ultimate Exotics Race Cars

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Micro Machines MMW0004 Starter Pack, Ultimate Exotic - Includes 3 Vehicles, Race Cars, Possibility of Something Strange - Toy Car Collection, Assorted Model, 1 Unit

Begin Your Collection with the Great Boot Collection Starter Pack Micro Machines. Dive into the world of these top-quality, entertaining vehicles.

Experience Authenticity: These eye-catching Micro Machines mirror the exact details of their real-life counterparts, bringing an authentic touch to your collection.

Timeless Favorite: For over three decades, Micro Machines have been cherished household favorites. Now, this nostalgic gem returns, packed with all the features you adored and more!

Expand Your World: With an array of vehicles and games, Micro Machines offer endless fun. Start building your Micro Machines universe today – collect them all