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Achojah Wave 1 Netflix Supervinyl Action Figure

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Achojah Wave 1 Netflix Supervinyl Action Figure

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Originating from Africa, he joined forces with a powerful feudal lord in Japan's tumultuous 16th century, earning the moniker Black Samurai and becoming a legendary figure. In Netflix's original anime series 'Yasuke,' Achojah, a Nigerian shaman and mercenary, is renowned for utilizing his abilities to bewilder adversaries in combat.

The show delves into the tale of a Black samurai in an alternate feudal Japan—a narrative that follows a serene boatman, once known as the Black Samurai, thrust back into conflict upon protecting a young girl with enigmatic powers.

Presented in the classic "hang-tag" style reminiscent of Japan's soft vinyl figures, these 6-inch-tall figures, part of Super7's inaugural wave of Yasuke SuperVinyl collection, offer multiple articulation points and a detailed sculpt that encapsulates the character's unique style and demeanor. Collect the entire range for an immersive Yasuke experience!" Dimensions (Overall): 6 Inches (H) x 3 Inches (W) x 1.4 Inches