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Excel Double Reflex 6 (2 Pack + 16 Darts + 6 Shooting Targets) by ZURU, XShot Red Foam Dart Blaster, Toy Blaster, Rotating Barrels, Toys for Kids

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Color: Red

Rotating 6 Dart Barrel: Rapid-fire of 6 darts in under 30 seconds using the rotating barrel.
Firing Power: The X-Shot Excel Reflex 6 can hit targets from 27m / 90 feet away.
Dart Capacity: The X-Shot Excel Reflex 6 has a 6 dart capacity so your locked and loaded for battle.

3 Can Targets: The pack includes 3 Can Targets which break on impact. Practice your shot before battle, can you hit the bullseye?
ALL NEW RED: X-Shot Blaster now comes in the newest, cleanest red!