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The Kindred Issue 1 Image Comic White Pages

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Part one of a four-part mini-series. Cole Cash (Grifter), Marc Slayton (Backlash) and John Lynch share one thing in common; they were all former members of an elite military unit named Team 7. Following a failed military operation that resulted in the death of a team-mate for which Grifter blames Backlash, the two find themselves working together again.

John Lynch and his assistant Alicia Turner have been kidnapped; Backlash is recruited by the shadowy International Operations, of which Lynch is an important member, to rescue both from a mysterious island inhabited by a group known as the Kindred. With the promise of assistance in finding a cure for his comatose fiancé Major Diana LaSalle on offer, Backlash agrees. Grifter is also investigating the island, looking to save Turner, a friend of his - putting the two in direct contact as they begin to learn about how events in the past have repercussions for the future.