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Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls 12 Piece Set - Brand New

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These are two different Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls sets that I have for sale. One being the Gold edition with the fish pattern design on the box and the second one is the White edition with the Tiger pattern design. Feel free to message me for which one you would like when you purchase.

Experience golf like never before with the 4-Piece Cast Urethane Vice PRO PLUS – a choice embraced by junior professionals and avid amateurs seeking peak performance from tee to green. This premium ball boasts our thinnest outer layer, ensuring optimal playability.

Introducing the limited edition Vice PRO PLUS GOLD, a testament to our dedication to merging premium quality with extraordinary design. The striking DAYGLOW GOLD hue not only enhances visibility but reaches new heights with the incorporation of micro-fine reflective particles in the top layer, known as the Dusty Diamond Coating. Elevate your game with a golf ball that embodies both style and substance.


  • Classic white ball with Vice logo; numbered 1 - 4
  • 4-piece construction with extra thin CAST URETHANE cover
  • Size increased High Energy Speed Core (HESC) for higher ball speed
  • Elastic dual mantel for high balls speed
  • 336 dimple design