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Wriggle Racing Friction Powered

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Wriggle Racing Car Toy, 360° Turn and can Upright Walking or turn around.

Introducing the Wriggle Racing Car Toy – a dynamic and innovative addition to your child's playtime adventure! This racing car is not your ordinary toy; it comes equipped with exciting features that bring endless joy and entertainment.

Watch in amazement as the Wriggle Racing Car performs thrilling 360° turns, adding a twist of excitement to every play session. Its unique ability to upright walk and smoothly turn around ensures that the fun never stops. Powered by friction, this toy car offers a hands-on experience that captivates young minds and encourages imaginative play.

Crafted with vibrant colors and sturdy materials, the Wriggle Racing Car is designed for durability and endless playtime enjoyment. Whether your little one is a budding race car driver or simply loves interactive toys, this friction-powered marvel is sure to become a favorite.